Brief Intro

Hello there! I'm creating this website hoping someone might find it interesting and useful, and in the meantime if you wish to drop a comment or anything similar you're more the welcome to do so.


Travelling is not commom in Argentina except for retired people who have enough time and money, and high class people.

I'm a low/middle class 20 year old argentinian, hence I had never travelled before.


In a way, I'm glad I was this old when doing this trips because I was able to apreciate certain things that I had I been younger maybe I couldn't have done so.

My trip partner was English and by the end of our first trip, we thought it was a good idea to write a blog on our experiences in this places, considering the information we had found about this had been as short as a brochure written on an ant's handkerchief.

Some of our destinations we discovered turned out to have a massive european tourist
wave. To an extent when most of the times I was the only argentinian in the place.
So we thought it would be interesting writting on all the things we noticed, from an Argentinian/English point of view.

You must know it's the Argentinian side writting this, so my apologise for my mistakes in the language.

Feel free to add any comments on anything here.

Hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

Have a good day!