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This province, offers an amazing display of different  extreme landcapes, all in the same place.

From snowy peaks and ski centers to huge deserts with sand dunes. Including rocky mountains and beautiful lakes and ponds, some of which owe their names to misterious tragedies...

During the winter season (see weather section) many roads are blocked due to the heavy snow in the heights of the Andes, which makes it impossible to get to some lovely places.


But others just lose their magic when the snow goes away.

So Mendoza will always have something spectacular to show you.

Snow Sports for You!

The exquisite location of Mendoza, makes it home to many ski centers and consequently, to low-price snow-sports packages.


This might encourage even the non extreme-sport-lover to try ski or snowboard.


The packages offered in Mendoza are proper packages that include everything. While in San Rafael there's only equipment-renting.

Mendoza's trully awe inspiring landscapes are of course on the way to the Andes, which in this area reach the highest peak.

The trip from Mendoza city to the high Andes region, is a beautiful display of mountains which intense beauty increases as you get closer and closer to Chile.

Getting round Mendoza

Two important cities that work as a good reference spot are Mendoza city and San Rafael.

Map of Mendoza
Map of the province of Mendoza