Iguazú: where to stay


The city offers various different types of stayings.


From family rooms to 5 star hotels. "Bed and breakfast", hostels, hosterías, cabains, bungalows, half star hotels, club meds, apart hotels...you name it.


It's in the main strett of course where you'll find a big display of these places, but don't disspair if you can't find something there, stayings are scattered all over Puerto Iguazú.

One of the most popular places to stay for young europeans is the Hostel Inn, which probably offers a much closer staying to the Falls than any other staying.


This doesn't mean though, that you will be able to see the Falls from your window or that you'll hear their sound when you wake up.

But it's the furthest staying from the city center and like I said the closest to the Falls.


It's next to the motorway and in the middle of nowhere I'd say, so it's a lovely location with loads and loads of freash air, and it could be the perfect place for calm holidays if wasn't for the fact that it's a club med.


Anyway, there are LOADS of places to stay, even where you less think.