Iguazú Falls National Park

The Fall's Park covers an enormous extension of land

Map of the Park
Map of the Park

that includes 275 waterfalls of an average of 80 meters tall each.


The park is too beautiful to ever get tired of it, but bear in mind it closes before the sun sets. So, you should try to get to the park rather early so you can enjoy the most of it.

To get to the Falls you can take the local bus that has a sign in the front that reads "Cataratas".

It's in better conditions than the rest of the local buses.


The minute you enter the park you might feel you're entering Jurassic Park, but don't worry: it gets nowhere near as dangerous as a normal day in any park.

You can simply enjoy of the silence, the clear view and the fresh air.

Get ready to take your clothes of!

The high temperatures combined with with the active visit and long walks might make you want to enjoy the little beach in San Martín's island, right in between the Argentinian Falls and Brazil.

You'll see some people enjoying the clear cool water to refresh themselves and the sand to sunbathe.


So you can take your swimming suit underneath your clothes, no problem!

You must take insect repelent as you'll find huge hungry mosquitos all over the park.


The repelent doesn't work with ants or lizards unfortunatelly, so just be careful.


In this picure you can see the tiger ant, typical of the place.

The Macuco Trail

Fall at the end of Macuco
Fall at the end of Macuco

I wouldn'r reccommend bother in taking the "Macuco trail".


It's a special trail leading to a little waterfall, but you can either chose to take it or not without missing anything.

Yaguareté not in the Macuco trail
Yaguareté not in the Macuco trail

You might feel interested in seeing it as you'll be handed brochures of what to do if you encounter a lion, a panther or a poisonus snake....but in truth the Macuco trail only gets as dangerous as reading a comic book.


The Macuco trail can only be done by foot and it takes about 3 hours. The only fauna to see are different thousands of butterflies that you have to be very careful not to step on, as they form some sort of carpet on the path.

Under the Moonlight

A new activity offered are the Full Moon Visits to the Falls.

Logically, this is only done a few days a month, when a full moon is expected. However, if the prediction isn't right and there is no full moon, you do NOT get a refund.

This special visits have a different fee to normal day visits, of over double the price.