Getting here & Moving Around

This section might seem a little irrelevant to you, but I have included it as I know getting to Argentina's International Airport isn't just getting to Argentina.


This airport, the only international one in the country, as incovenient as that is, is not in Buenos Aires. It's in a nearby city called Ezeiza.


If you happen to check on flights you'll find next to the name of the Argentinian Airport, Ministro Pistarini, the word (EZE), referring to this city and not Buenos Aires.

Here's a picture where you can see Ezeiza's Airport's location, and the city of Buenos Aires.


There's only two means of transport that can take you to Buenos Aires form here: private coaches or a local bus. 


Of course the private coaches are many many more times more expensive than the local bus, specially when you take into consideration there's only one company that provides this service.


The local bus is only a few coins, but it makes stops of course, and it's a public service, which means less comfort if you're a picky person.


There are no subways in this area. In fact, the city of Buenos Aires, is the only city in the country which has this mean of transport, and was actually the first in South America.

Getting around

As an old Argentinian saying prays, "God is Argentinian but his office's in Buenos Aires", meaning whatever you need is in this city, and in this city only.


Buenos Aires isn't just the only city with a subway system, it's also the only connection between national flights, the most cosmopolitan city in the country and the soul of any paperwork you might ever need.


Despite this city's large extension and scattered hot spots, you'll see that transport doesn't quite cover much of the city. 


The subway system covers very little terrain of the city, and doens't quite give you access to many of the main tourist spots in Buenos Aires.


Nevertheless it's the fastest and safest transport, and even a tourist attraction in itself as many stations remain untouched from the day of their construction.

There's a subway line which has a wooden interior and fancy ceiling lamps.

Downloadable Subway Map

Map of Buenos Aires' Subway System
In this map, you can see each subway line on a different colour, the names of some streets across each line, and the name of each station.
subte_bs as.jpg
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