Tango is a world wide known Argentinian dance.

It started in early 1900's in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, in the ghetto areas.


The reason why tango is a dance that implies a lot of physical contact and sexy costume, is because Tango started as a technique used by protitutes to attract clients.

Back in those days protitutes only worked in brothels, where there was usually a band playing.


Both protitutes and men would sit at tables so everyone could see everyone and choose who they wanted to be with.

That way they would ask eachother to dance and fix a price.

In those times, immigration in Argentina was at its peak, and so French, Italians and Spaniards mixed their musical styles all together and Tango started.

Throughout Tango's popular period Argentina welcomed immigrants over 7 times more it's original population.
Carlos Gardel, tango icon
Carlos Gardel, tango icon

The first Tango lyrics were only about the ecomomic crisis and poverty, as it was underground music that reflected the low class life.

With time, Tango grew bigger and the lyrics developed into everyday life issues.

But Tango could never talk about anything else than sad things. 

Tango lyrics are often about someone's departure or death, or someone's heart being broken.

Tango songs

Electro Tango

Tango lost an important audience after the 40's, and for a long time it was nothing else but a memory. So for some generations Tango has been lost sa other kinds of music have invadeed the market.


Some years ago, young argentinian dj's with european influence started mixing old tango songs with synthesizers and elctronica beats.

This had such a good impact that with time, this became a whole style that was perfected and developed into Electrotango.

Nowadays, there are many famous ElectroTango bands that make their own arrangements and lyrics.

ElectroTango has evolved to the point of having its own dance, wich combines traditional tango steps with acrobatic flips.

This is also known as acrobatic tango, although it's not strictly related to electrotango.

ElectroTango Songs


Buenos Aires hosts the International Anual Tango Championship in wich people from all over the world compite on both stages of the contest:

"Traditional tango" (Tango salón)

and "Acrobatic Tango" (Tango exibición)

Most places in Argentina offer free tango classes as not many argentinians seem to show much interest for this dance.