Important facts

Electrical Voltage and Plugs/Sockets

In Argentina, the electric voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz, and the types of plugs and sockets used here are those of types C and I.

(see picture below, click on the pictures to see description)


Neutral and line wires are reversed from that used in Australia and elsewhere.

Non Working Days and its complications

In Argentina, any day can be a celebration, and beware, because this might mean another non working day in the long list.


In addition to father's day and mother's day wich are world wide celebrated, in Argentina  there are plenty more other days to turn into a shopping chaos.

Celebration's such as friend's day, student's day, race's day, animal's day, banker's day, king's coming day, children's day, teacher's day, spring's day, and inocent's day, exist and they all imply a non working day for one or more working areas.

On banker's day, banks don't work...on teacher's day and student's day, school's don't open..and so on...

There are many more other days, including grandmother's day and economy course student's day, that as ridiculous as they sound, they're still included in the calendar, although the shopping phenomena isn't as popular. 


But there area other "celebrations" that imply a National non working Day, and this means less  or no transport and of course less places open.

January        1 st

March            24th

April             2 nd

May               1 st


June              20th**

July                9th

August          17th**         

October         12th**

December     8th


** moved to the closest Monday, wether previous or following.

Entry Tax for Citizens of Certain Countries

Argentina has recently introduced a so called Reciprocal Tax to citizens of countries that tax Argentinian citizens to enter their countries, and hence the ammount to be paid corresponds to the what Argentinians have to pay in each of these specific countries.


This was taken from the Brazilian and Chilean model, where they require a Visa for those countries that ask for such to their own citizens.


However, Argentina does not imply the request of a Visa.

Canadian Citizens               70 US dollars   (seventy)

Australian Citizens            100 US dollars  (one hundred)

United States Citizens       131 US dollars (one hundred and thirty one)


To tip or not to tip


In Argentina people never tip. It's not cosidered rude nor a show off, but it's just not common at all.


A special remark is required whenit comes to taxi drivers though as it's a bit silly to tip them because it's very likely they've taken a much longer way to your destination in order to charge you a lot no one would agree on you tipping a taxi driver.