Argentinian food is basically meat. Most dishes include meats of all types.


The most typical argentinian dish is asado.

Asado is charcoal-grilled beef. This cooking style is what gives asado its particular and unique taste.
It's usually advertised as Parrila or Parrillada, wich includes other parts of the cow and chicken.

For a Parrillada to be lovely -as it's supposed to be- it has be well done, respecting the cooking times. So bare in mind this means a higher price than any normal dish.


Therefore a good advice would be not to go for a parrillada that's cheap only because you're not sure you'll like it.


If it's cheap, it's probably not going to be nice and you'll get a wrong idea of what parrillada is like.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is a dessert similar to caramel.

You can eat it with something else, like cheddar cheese or icecream, or on it's own.


You can buy cans of Dulce de Leche in any supermarket and there are different types.
It's made out of milk and sugar and nothing else.

History says it was first made by a cook,back in the days of the colony, when she was trying to heat some sugary milk but had to dash and left the pot on the fire for too long...


But this story is likely not to be true as you need to stir the whole time to get dulce de leche done. 


Ñoquis (pronounced nee-o-keys) are a type of pasta, despite not ben cooked the same way.

Ñoquis are made out of mashed potatoes and flour, cut into pieces and then boiled.


It is an argentinian tradition to have ñoquis for each 29th of each month, with a peso note under the plate, to bring prosperity to who's eating.


Mate (pronounced mah-te, te as in telephone) is a typical South American drink, constitued by hot water and yerba mate.

Yerba mate is a regional plant from the north of Argentina that is harvested and chopped to make yerba for mate drink.


It has healthy effects on the body and it helps you to stay hydrated.

Even though it looks like weed, it's not in any way, nor does it share any similar characteriscts.

Mate is shared amongst the people you're drinking it with. The same "mate glass" (sort of speak) is passed from hand to hand, so each one can drink a mate.


It's a social thing. Friends of all ages get together to drink Mate.


 Empanadas is another typical argentinian food. They look like cornish paties, but they don't have the same ingredients.

Empanadas are filled with meat (beef or chicken), and boiled eggs, peppers, onions and olives all chopped.


It's a soft spongy style of nougat candy made out of peanut butter mainly.


It's based on a greek dessert but it is originally argentinian although some years ago, Cadbury bought the company that created it, and now distributes it to other countries.


Milanesas are meat slices covered in whisked eggs and crushed crusts of hard bread.

It is said this dish was invented to recycle the hard bread

the poor immigrants had at home .

There are fish, chicken, beef and soy milanesas, and they're served with lemmon slices, chips or different salads.

Another type of milanesas are the "Milanesas a la Napolitana" and they're the basic milanesas previously described covered with slices of ham, some cheese and sometimes slices of pepper.

It's common to think that this is an Italian dish because of their name referreing to not only one italian city, but two: Milan and Napoli.

But far from Napoli, the Milanesas a la Napolitana, were invented in a bar in Buenos Aires called Napoli...hence the name of the specialty of the house.